About Me :)

First thing you need to know is I'm what people identify as a "talker." But I'd like to think I'm not the type that holds people up for too long. 

I just really love meeting new people and learning about what they do in their lives. I believe that you figure out what fulfills you by finding out what fulfills others.

I consider myself a lot of things. I'm a writer, although I've never been *really* published outside of the internet. You can follow my other blogs if you'd like. I've supplied the links below.  I also write poetry, short stories and screen plays. 

I'm passionate about fashion, but not too stuck up about it. I've made finding good deals into a hobby, although I'm not so sure my wallet or my boyfriend are too crazy about it. 

I love animals and if I could adopt them all I would. Except birds. A lot of birds creep me out. But I do adore owls. 

In an ideal world I'd travel through Europe, live in New York, California, Paris and London simultaneously and be fluent in at least 3 languages. I'd also be the top director, screenwriter and actress for many oscar award winning films. 

But for now . . . I'm working on a masters degree for Adolescent Special Ed and English Language Arts. I love both content areas and being a teacher of either one would make me incandescently happy.

I have a decently eclectic personality. I'm pretty open minded and think that almost everyone can be if they take a minute to think about others as much as they think about themselves. 

Peace x Love ♥

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