Thursday, September 25, 2008

10 things you can do now that your boyfriend dumped you.

1. Go OUT and not worry about feeling guilty that other guys are hitting on you.
This is self-explanatory.
(Although I feel guilty anyway, since I hate leading people on...but whatevs to that.)

2. Catch up with all of your friends that you blatantly ignored to hang out with said ex-boyfriend.
Now you don't have to feel like you're rushed to go meet up with that loser the second he texts or calls you, so you can REALLY catch up with your friends.

3. Buy something for yourself just because YOU like it.
Like those new shoes that your boyfriend would have said made you look like a stripper? Well get them anyway, because he doesn't matter and was probably wrong.
(Although...if you have really bad taste, it might not hurt to get a second opinion from a friend.)

4. Rent something he would NEVER have watched with you.
The Notebook or Pride & Prejudice, just to name two. Make a night of it. Cry. Wallow. Burn pictures. Then be happy because now you have the chance to actually find your Ryan Gosling equivalent.

5. Exercise.
Get a gym membership and GO. If it's hard to keep on a schedule, start taking one of the classes your gym offers. It's easier to go when your routine is already planned out for you. If the gym isn't your thing then start walking more.

6. Make Dinner....for your friends.
Instead of slaving away on a romantic dinner for two for whats-his-name, boil some water and make up some steaming plates of pasta for your friends. Have them bring the wine and top it off with garlic bread. You can even combine this with your chick flick night. Cheesy, but it works.

7. Make more guy friends
Girlfriends are wonderful, but guys are awesome at saying that perfect logical thing that will bring you back to earth when you're having a estrogen-related break down. Now that Mr. Wrong is out of the picture, you have a lot more time to hang out with the guys.

8. Get a haircut
Or change up your style. Sometimes that's all it takes to make you feel a little rejuvenated. Having chopped off my long blond hair several times, I know it works.

9. Volunteer....either for more tasks at work or outside in the community.
You'll be doing more things and keeping busy while meeting new people.

10. Write a blog...or in a journal.
For me its extremely therapeutic...and it helps me keep track of what I'm thinking and doing every day. Also, if you kept a journal while you were with your significant other, it may help to go back and read previous entries. It will show you that the relationship wasn't perfect all the time and help you move on faster.

Having just gone through a break up recently, this is stuff I have JUST picked up on. But so far it's been working. Right on!

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