Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I need a hero...

I actually hate that song, thanks to the tractor chicken run sequence of Footloose (seriously, who thought of that?)
But enough complaining. Vermont Teddy Bear has an amazing program that you should definitely take advantage of. Usually their cuddly little critters are overpriced, even if they are one of kind. This is not the only reason I urge you to check out the Little Hero Line.
When you buy a Little Hero Bear, (which is cheaper than the average bear from Vermont) you participate in a buy 1, get 1 service. You get your own super cuddly teddy, but you also get one for a sick child.
Here's how it works...at the end of the month Vermont Teddy Bear Factory donates the "doubles" of the bears they sold to hospitals who sign up to give them to children who are transported by ambulance.
It's quite lonely and scary in a hospital, especially for a child, so this is an amazing program to take part in. So buy a little hero! And be a big one.

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