Sunday, August 17, 2008

And for a little obsession?

Being completely obsessed with cosmetics, I see it as my duty to buy everything from Stila to Wet and Wild. Recently I have been on the search for the perfect eye liner. This is actually a continuing search...I'm always open to try anything recently birthed into the cosmetic world, just clean the placenta off first please.

Now it's important for you to understand that I'm not looking for a regular eye criteria is extensive. I'm looking for color, manageability, is it portable? What types of lines can I make...thick...thin...dotted? Is it appropriate for daily use? Is it a pencil? Liquid? Matte? Gel?

Well I think I've found the eyeliner that fits all of my qualms and in a drugstore surprisingly.

Loreal H.I.P. line makes a pot gel eye liner. I was skeptical...I was. I have been a fan of Studio Gear for a while, but the problem with their pot eye liner is that I needed water to wet the brush in order to use it. Without a water source, I was doomed. This my friends, is the answer.

I purchased the brown shade, but there is a large variety of funky colors including teal and eggplant. It goes on smoothly and stays on all day long. The only thing I do not like is the brush it comes with but I already have a Bare Essentials brush anyway.

Try it. It's awesome. You will not be disappointed. And if you are, well...I'm sorry.

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