Sunday, August 17, 2008

When you have the time

Link: The Write Brain Workbook

Let me get one thing straight: I love to write. I really do. But sometimes it’s really hard to get started on a short story, screenplay, or sometimes even a poem because of the dreaded writers block. Everyone who writes has had it, whether it happens at the start of a project, or in the middle of it. We all know it’s a pain.

Here’s a little secret though: The more you write and the more often you write, the easier it is to beat the block. I also found a great book (okay well, my boyfriend found it and gave it to me for my birthday) to get your creative juices really flowing. It’s called “The Write-Brain Workbook. 366 Exercises to liberate your writing” by Bonnie Neubauer. It’s 366 funky pages (all put together by graphic design students) with great exercises meant to get you thinking and writing right away. There’s no word minimum or maximum for any of the exercises, you can write a little or as much as you want. There’s space for you to write directly in the book, but you can obviously choose to type or write on another piece of paper, and you can do the exercises over and over again. There are actually double the amount of exercise because at the bottom of the page is always a question for deeper thinking.

The book is funky and fresh and meant to make writing more fun. I certainly find that it gets me going and usually when I get an idea from it I run with it. If you’re the type of person who has a hard time writing something without an assignment, you might want to pick up a copy.

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