Thursday, January 27, 2011

Facebook Causes: Autism Speaks . . . a birthday wish.

So I spent my lovely snow day drinking an endless cup of coffee, shoveling my car out of a mountain of snow and . ..  creating My Birthday Cause.

I joined the causes application on Facebook about a year or so ago, and occasionally poked around to locate new and interesting charities, but this morning I received an email telling me I could create a fund for the cause of my choice and ask people to donate to it instead of receiving birthday gifts. 

First of all let me praise this amazing idea. We should always be trying to contribute to humanitarian efforts, but on our birthday, the anniversary of our LIFE, we SHOULD be thinking about others as well. 

I am so lucky to have been born without any disorders or disabilities, but also I believe I was born with several gifts. I only realized my gift of working with children in recent years, but I would never go back to being ignorant about it. When I graduated college, I promised myself I wouldn't get caught working for some corporation day after day without making some kind of difference in this world. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I discovered Autism. I say that I discovered it, because really, that is what happened. It's scary to think how little I really knew about the disorder before I started working with these amazing kids. 

It makes me realize though, how little most people know about Autism. For something that affects SO MANY people know little to nothing about the disorder itself. 

So please, if you have nothing to give, that is fine, but just take the time to visit this website: Autism Speaks, and read the passage that I wrote on my birthday wish

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