Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello. I am Me.

I can't be anyone else, because I've never known otherwise. Yes, I have my flaws, well I'm human in that sense. We all say or do stupid things to try and impress the people that we are impressed by. It's a game for some people, schmoozing their way to the top just to feel . . . what? Important? Maybe.

I'm not the smartest girl, but I'm proud of what I know. I'm proud that I read at least one article about the world a day, and I'm proud that I remember most of the books I read in high school. I don't know everything, but there are some things I know a lot about. I might be ditzy, but some people would say that makes me fun. 

I'm not the prettiest girl, but I love how I look. I love how my eyes are huge and that they are blue and match most of my favorite clothes. I love that I can wear my hair long and look romantic, or wear it short and look sophisticated. I love my legs, which are thin at the calf but attached to strong thighs from dance and soccer. 

I may not have the best singing voice, but I love that i can carry a tune. I love that I LOVE to sing and that music can calm and relax me or bring energy into my veins. 

I may not be a fashion expert, but I love that I know how to look put together. I love making outfits and getting complimented on them, but I really love giving advice to other people and helping them make outfits and helping them get complimented. It feels really good when someone notices that you look nice, because you tried so hard to look nice. It's not fake to give a compliment, it's just recognizing that someone took some time on their appearance and they care about themselves.

Some people may have a distaste for my personality, but you can't please everyone and you meet a lot of people in life. When the majority of these people think you're awesome, a lot of them will think you're annoying. But distaste sometimes comes from jealousy, something I try to overcome, because jealously is a wasted emotion. Instead of wishing you were someone else, or could be like someone else, try improving yourself into your own best friend. Drop jealously when you feel it and realize that the person you're jealous of most likely doesn't know it and isn't trying to make you feel that way, they are just living their life and not caring, something we should all strive to do.

I'm like everyone around me. On most days, I love who I am, but on some days I'm disappointed in myself. Sometimes this can feel like I don't really like me, but it's just a result of negative feelings running rampant. 

I listen to a fun or cheesy song to make myself feel better. Or sometimes I treat myself to dessert since i usually pass it up. 

Let's try to banish the "I'm so fat," talk because that doesn't make us feel better, and it makes  the people around us think we are self-absorbed. I do it all the time, and it's just not a nice thing to say to the body that grew up with me and the body that takes me to work, and class. This is the body that allows me to dance when I want to, to jump, to sing. This is the only body I'll ever have, so I better get used to it. I can improve it, but it will always have the same build. In my life I will gain weight, and I will lose weight. I will be pregnant, and then I won't again. I will get old. I will get wrinkles. But aging is inevitable and there are ways to stay beautiful when our youth isn't our primary aspect of ourselves anymore. 

I am Me. You are you. And I think it's really amazing how different we all are, but that we can  find things about ourselves that are almost identical.

I believe in telling people when they influence you. I believe a compliment is genuine if you really just want it to make someone feel good about themselves. And I believe that most people are too preoccupied in what's going on in their own lives than to criticize what you do in yours. 

I love fashion, but the clothes in my closet cost money. And money is something I am not in an abundance of. So I shop my closet. And I try to create with what I've got. 

I've realized that maybe we really would all be better off making the same amount of money, or not using money at all. We should care about the well fare of all people. Maybe the native american tribes had it right. Or maybe it's human nature to want more and more. I know I find myself wanting more sometimes, and I don't like it. I don't want to be that way. 

You need to be grateful of what you have before you can really appreciate anything more you might achieve. 

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The Common Critic said...

Very inspirational and so good to hear coming from you!! If we could all practice this, the world would be a much healthier, happier, more enjoyable place! Love you!