Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just checking in!

Hello avid readers, new readers, and curious people who don’t care all that much about what I write but ultimately respect me for doing my own thang. I was on this really productive trend of writing a couple of times a week for the course of . . . well a week! Then grad school started up again and I was reminded that I don’t truly have a social life, it was just a big fat myth I allowed myself to live out during the entirely too short (and kind of oddly placed) spring break. Spring break in March? Yes.
That’s all in the past now (unfortunately) and now I’m hitting my nose back to the grindstone academically, which leaves significantly less time for me to ponder about the inner/outerworkings of life and be inspirational and all that. But for you, my dears, I’ll make my best attempt.
So what’s new . . .hmm. HMM.
Well I’m thinking quite seriously about sponsoring a child through Children International, which is a charity that is not only extremely credible, but an inexpensive option for those who wish to commit to a sponsorship, but also have to worry about paying their own bills. It’s a mandatory $22 bucks a month, but you can send extra money during holidays, your child’s birthday, or anytime you feel like tossing a little more in.
In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter whether you believe in karma, or are spiritual in the least bit, it’s just important to realize that there are people who live and survive their lives in extreme poverty. It’s a significant reminder because I for one find myself worrying a bit too much about buying nice clothes, or looking the way I want to look and there are people, children who do not have that luxury. Instead, they’re wondering where their next meal is coming from, or whether or not they’ll ever have an actual bed to sleep on.
I apologize if this sounds cheesy ( I know it will to some), but I feel that it is our human responsibility to take care of one another. Yes, there is an abundance of ignorance in this world, and there are days when I wonder what the point is of being a giving and generous person when there are clearly plenty of people willing to cut you down on a daily basis.
You can’t fall into that trap. You have to fill your head with all of the cheesy clichés you know and just pummel through it all, because in the end, only kindness matters (shamelessly ripped off from Jewel, sing it girlfriend!)
And that goes for most things.
Let your freak flag fly and all that!
Do a little dance, make a little love, get down to----no…that one doesn’t really work. . .
But anyway . . . do what you can for whoever you can, because you never know when you’re going to need some help yourself.

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