Monday, January 5, 2009

Why Infatuation Makes Us INSANE.

Also, why it's completely unnecessary.

Hi. My name is Infatuation.
You may know my second-cousin. Her name is Obsession.
And my sister's friend's sister is named Complete Psycho-Bitch.

We are a pretty tight group. A lot of people don't realize how close we are.

Infatuation makes it especially hard to realize who we are getting involved with in the beginning stages of getting to know someone we want to be closer with. It rocks us out of orbit most of the time. But usually only the FIRST time we experience it. We have those cuddly warm "he's totally the one," feelings and we don't want to deny them, because isn't that what we've been "waiting for so long" for?

Most people want very much to live their lives like their favorite romantic comedy. It's just not really possible. Life isn't leading up to some cute happy ending where the funny, nice guy gets the girl in the end. Life isn't really leading up to ANYTHING, except death.

Keep that in mind. And don't be cynical about it.

You need to MAKE your phenomenal moments happen. They happen all of the time and you need to cherish them or you'll miss them completely.

Infatuation always makes us feel like this person is the reason we were born. In reality, we don't know why we're here, do we? Sure there are scientific and theological opinions on the subject, but can anyone give me a clear and definitive answer to "Why are we here," or "What's the point in life?"

I didn't think so.

Don't get me wrong.

You can and should let yourself get swept away in those crazy feelings of love and lust, because it's one of the most amazing emotions in the world. However, you need to keep part of yourself grounded.

Don't obsess. Don't stalk his Facebook, Myspace, Aim, Xanga, LiveJournal, YouTube, Don't check if he's updated these pages every day. Don't check your phone consistently for text messages. Don't check your phone at all. In fact, turn off your phone if you find yourself doing this.

When you go out with your friends (especially your girlfriends) do not be secretly wanting him to call. You will only ruin the night for yourself, and maybe your friends too.

Don't talk about him constantly. It's understandable when you first meet him, but your friends don't need to hear how amazing he is all the time. Chances are they don't think he's as amazing as you think he is anyway, they just really want to see you happy.

Do these statements sound familiar?

"I'm madly in love with him."

Do you know what mad means? Well it can mean angry. Or it can me eccentric. Either way, it doesn't sound too good.

"I just know he's the one. You know?"

Sometimes you do know, but supply a reason. You don't "just know." There's a reason.

"I never thought I could have someone so great."

Whoa. Back up. Why wouldn't you think you deserve someone "so great?" You should know it. And if you didn't, you should re-evaluate yourself before you get involved with anyone.

Listen, sometimes you can't avoid infatuation. You could genuinely really be into the guy. And he could geniunely really be into you as well. But when you feel those butterflies, be cautious.
Butterflies are pretty, but they are still bugs. And they're in your stomach.
Now tell me that's not gross.

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TellMeSomethingFunny said...

"Life isn't really leading up to ANYTHING, except death.

Keep that in mind. And don't be cynical about it."